Sharply shelved books for sharp readers

Well, well, boys and girls, if you visit Teen Town don't miss the chance to check out our great expanding collection of graphic novels. Our permanently strengthen-out shelves —sharply shelved daily on time and specially during weekends by our staff— will sure be satisfying and full of pleasurable reading. Just take a look.

Read is the new black

Well well, girls and boys, take a look at the new dazzling display you will find outside of Teen Town. Our most current motto here at the young adult library zone is "Read is the new black". Visit us and check the books selected, for your eyes only.


Well, well, boys and girls, check out this sculpture of Minecraft influenced art! Isn't this awesome? Only a truly devoted minecrafter —perhaps one like you— would enjoy the hard working detail dedicated to this Ĺ“uvre d'art, or as our friends from Mojan would call it: a konstverk. Only the creative mind of Ms. Barnum would come up with this piece of non stop intelligent fun, exclusively for you, here, at Teen Town,